Sending money abroad cheaper and faster with Transferwise

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Sending money abroad cheaper and faster with Transferwise

Beitrag von jonasfitz » 13. Mai 2019, 11:11

Transferwise lets you transfer money internationally in many currencies.
Compared to its competitors (traditional banks, that is), Transferwise is cheaper and faster.

Especially when compared to well-known services such as Western Union, Transferwise has much lower fees.
Check it out yourself and compare fees:
If you want to send money at low costs, register at Transferwise using this link.

If you do so, your first transfer will be free of charges. In the example below, I sent 250 EUR to Croatia (HRK). Have a look at the guaranteed FX rate:
You can add funds to your account either by debit/credit cards or bank transfers:
After that, a small fee is charged for transfers. In this example, we send 1000€ to a croatian account:
Want to try it yourself?
KLICK here to transfer money by Transferwise. No fees for your first transfer!

Any questions? Want to see more screenshots? Then just reply and ask, I'm glad to help.


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