[HOWTO] Obtain a croatian OIB (for foreigners)

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[HOWTO] Obtain a croatian OIB (for foreigners)

Beitrag von jonasfitz » 7. Jun 2019, 10:33

OIB ('osobni identifikacijski broj') is a personal identification number issued in Croatia, consisting of 11 digits.

If you plan to open a bank account, buy property, or live in Croatia for more than 90 days, you'll be required to get your PIN (=OIB).

I applied for getting my OIB issued following the steps described here:
Expat in Croatia: How to get an OIB (croatian identification number)

All I needed to do was fill the following form and take it to the next branch of the Croatian Ministry of Finance:
OIB request form
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I chose the Rijeka branch (51000 Rijeka, Riva 10). Presenting both the OIB request form and a copy of my German EEA passport, I got my personal OIB within 5 minutes. No fees were charged. Nice!

This is how an OIB document might look like:
OIB document


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