[HOWTO] transfer HRK <> EUR using the best exchange rates

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[HOWTO] transfer HRK <> EUR using the best exchange rates

Beitrag von jonasfitz » 10. Sep 2019, 11:27

If you need to transfer EUR (Euro) to HRK (Croatian Kuna) and vice versa, I recommend the following:

In the example shown below, I transferred EUR to HRK within Revolut and then sent it to my croatian bank account at Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d.. Absolutely no fees were charged, while getting great FX rates (7,4012 HRK/EUR).

What you need:
- EUR current/giro account
- HRK current/giro account
- Revolut account (discuss Revolut at smart-upstart.de) ||
Get your free account here: www.revolut.com in case you are not yet a customer.

How to proceed:
  • Make sure you've got a HRK account within Revolut. It's just a few klicks away:
  • Top up your Revolut EUR account (by bank transfer or credit/debit card)
  • Convert your EUR to HRK within Revolut. You'll get very good FX rates:
  • Choosing your HRK account within Revolut, initiate a bank transfer to your HRK account (IBAN beginning with 'HR')*:
  • As you can see, no fees will be charged:
* In order to get the best FX rates, avoid weekends for currency conversion. From Monday to Friday Revolut offers the most competitive FX rates.

I'm pretty sure that the method shown above is one of the best ways to convert between EUR and HRK currencies. You'll get very competitive conversion rates, as there are no third parties (such as currency exchange offices) involved. No hidden fees.

Final thoughts:
Be aware that since its' founding, Revolut's operative business never was sustainable. Conditions will probably get worse once the supply of Venture Capital stops, or Revolut decides to introduce fees for FX.

For the time being, however, feel free to exploit Revolut's FX services.


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